Tilt: Find your balance

Tilt is a chrome extension & website that helps people understand their bias by analyzing their media intake.

Duration  3 weeks   |   Role  Full-Stack web developer/ Tech intern at R/GA Portland   |   Tools  React and ChartJs  |   Contribution  build a prototype website for the proof of concept


Key Features

  1.  It monitors your news sources as you browse.
  2.  It analyzes those sources and generates a score with a weekly report.
  3.  The report contains your most read news topics and articles, and recommends complimentary reading to raise your score.


  • You can see the prototype here.
  • Git Repo is here


How the prototype works

It shows a different report based on what you have read over the past week. Buttons on the top represents different media intake data set. The left letter on the button means the bias level of news source and the right one means the credibility level. For instance, C/H means you have read articles that are mostly centered with high credibility.

  • Bias spectrum: Far Left – Left – Mid Left – Center – Mid Right – Right – Far Right
  • Credibility spectrum: Low – Mid – High


Interaction Model


Our goal is to prove if it generates a valid score based on the user’s media intake data. Thus, I focused on creating a scoring system that compiles three metrics – bias level, credibility level, and time spent on articles – and generates a total score.


Scoring System

User media intake data is needed in order to validate the scoring system. Therefore, I made a system that generates a pseudo user profile. It requires four properties in order to generate a profile:

  1. Bias level: average bias level of articles that a user has read during a week (Far left – left – mid left – center – mid right – right – far right)
  2. Credibility level: average credibility level of articles that a user has read during a week (low – mid – high)
  3. Total number of articles that a user read
  4. Average time spent for reading an article


Once it generates a user profile, the scoring system receives the data and returns a report with a total score, bias rating, average credibility level, total number of articles that a user read, time spent for each news platform, total time spent for reading articles, and top 3 news platform.


Architecture Schematic

*click the image to zoom