Role Reversal

Role Reversal is an Oculus game that allows players to experience the world where humans are cooked by cows.

Duration  2 weeks   |   Role  Programmer   |   Platform  Oculus   |   Development Tool  Unity


  • Design interactions for each stage considering the interest curve
  • Work on animations of the guide character including triggering animations according to events


You can get executable files here.





Initially, our team was trying to utilize various interactions in order to increase the interest curve. However, it was hard to see buttons on Oculus Touch controller in the VR environment, and was difficult to match the functions to the buttons. Thus, we had to balance the number of interactions.

Here are the two final interactions that we settled down on:

  • Joystick: Walk
  • Trigger: Grab & Throw



In the explore stage, players can experience the world as they walk around. We put various visual elements including cooked humans and ingredients made out of humans so as they could understand the world better.

In order to increase players’ interest, we made players actually grab and throw objects to fight against the baby and mother cow. At the pinnacle of the gameplay, we linked the next stage to the human farm, where players face the reality of this world.



We made a character Guru, who explains the world and guides the players to explore. Although he leads the players about where to go, it does not make the gameplay passive, as the players are faced with an option to save him afterward. The primary role of Guru includes:

  • Introduce players to the world
  • Convey the detailed story
  • Guide players where to go
  • Form companionship with players