Office Screen Project


This project is about making a website where it brings photos from R/GA PDX Instagram account and displays them to the office screens.

Duration  5 weeks   |   Role  Full-Stack web developer/ Tech intern at R/GA Portland   |   Tools  JavaScript with Express, React, and Instagram API



  • Auto-update: The website checks if there’s any photo-update every 6 hours.
  • Manual-update: There is an endpoint where a person manually update the photo list. It is useful when a person wants to update the photo list right away since there is no need to wait until the website updates the list.
  • Animation: It uses React transition animation. Photos remains on the screen for 15 seconds and changes with fade in/ out effects.



code cannot be shared for the security purpose



I have implemented this website with the latest Facebook API, but came back to the original Instagram API since we are using this website for the internal office screen, not for the promotion purpose.



At first, I stretched the photos to fit the screen dimension, but it made photos pixelated. So I collaborated with a designer to refine the design.

Previous version