Magic Plant

Magic Plant is a Hololens game that allows players to experience taking an entrance exam to the magic school by creating three-set of magic plants with various magical seeds, powders, and enchantments.

Duration  2 weeks   |   Role  Programmer & Concept Artist   |   Platform  Hololens   |   Development Tool  Unity


  • Generate a base idea
  • Define functions for returning values that which components have been selected
  • Make particle effects for each variable when selected
  • Match plants and their animations according to components that have been selected


You can get executable files here.





  • Pot: where all the components are gathered and the final plant shows up
  • Cloud: waters to the pot that triggers the final plant to grow up

We came up with three components that determine the appearance and characteristic of the plant.

  • Seed: determines the basement of the plant
  • Powder: determines the flower (appearance) of the plant
  • Enchantment: determines the facial expression (characteristic) of the plant. The plant smiles or cries based on the enchantment selected.



On the table, we placed a pot, three types of seeds, two types of powders and enchantments, and two clouds.

In order to create a plant, a player should follow the sequence: select a seed, choose either a powder or an enchantment, and water the pot with a cloud. It does not count if a player put other components before the seed. The seed must be the first input.

Once a player clicks any of the components, it goes into the pot along with particle effects. If a player selects two different types within the same component, the later one would be activated. (e.g. If a player selects one enchantment and changes his mind and selects another enchantment, the later one would be applied to the final plant and the previous one would be de-activated.)

Since the field of view of Hololens is limited, we put two clouds in order to make a player not to miss them.




The instructor explains how the exam is going to be and introduces magic components on the table.

Stage 1: Create a non-magical plant

To make a player learn the sequence of the game, the instructor guides a player to create a non-magical plant that only requires two inputs: a seed and a cloud. As a result, a player will get a regular plant without any movement.

Stage 2: Create a magic plant only with one magical component

In order to make a player learn how magical components work, the instructor guides a player to put either a powder or an enchantment. Depend on which components a player picks, the flower or the facial expression of the final plant changes.

Stage 3: Create one’s own magic plant

In order to give a player a freedom of choice and raise the excitement to the highest level, the instructor lets a player make his/ her own plant. A player can freely explore with magical components, and water the pot whenever he/ she is ready to present the plant.




We iterated our game throughout several times of playtests. We invited naive players who have no experience with both of Hololens and our game. We started playtests with placeholders in order to determine the sizes and visual designs of magical components, and position them in the right place. Also, we revised the script of the instructor to deliver the story clear.