Frankenstein is a VR experience that allows guests experience through the rejections that Frankenstein’s monster faced and understand how he became a true monster.

Duration  15 weeks   |   Role  Interaction/ Gameplay Programmer & Illustrator   |   Platform  Oculus |   Development Tool  Unity


  • Implement Interaction and interface in VR
  • Concept art and illustration


Project blog link is here


The entire experience has been housed in the Posner Center at Carnegie Mellon University from May to December 2018.


VR UX and Interaction

Believable characters

Head/ eye-look controller is used to make characters follow the player’s movement.


Hand icon in VR

A hand icon is used to indicate that several key objects in VR are interactive.

  • Hover effect: icon blinking
  • Delay effect: icon changing its size & haptic feedback
  • Final effect: particle effect and sound feedback

The icon blinks when a player’s hand is within the hover distance. It enlarges its size and becomes in full opacity when get touched. To assure that the interaction is intended by the player, 1 second of delay with haptics is added. Particle and sound effects are given as feedback.

*We keep one hand icon at a time to make a player focus on one thing and not get distracted or confused by what to see or interact.

*Hand icon only hovers on the key objects. There were other objects that can be collided with hands, that gives a player an opportunity to explore the environment.


Hitting effect

White flashlight, camera-shaking, and haptics are used for hitting effect. To avoid motion sickness, we minimize the shaking range.


Blinking & Blurry vision

To provide the feeling that a player has just been created as a monster, I implemented a blinking effect by animating black planes in Unity, and used post-processing for the blur effect.


Other trials for the interaction

A custom Unity rim light shaderhard to match with the cross-hatch art style


A ring-shaped icon: too subtle to recognize


Concept Art/ Illustration

monster sketch
monster sketch 3
monster sketch 2