Brick is a 2-player augmented reality game that challenges the players to accomplish collaborative tasks with their partner.

Duration  15 weeks   |   Role  Programmer   |   Platform  Google AR Core   |   Development Tool  Unity


  • Implement interactions
  • Network two AR Core devices
  • Iterate based on playtests


Source Code is here.

Asymmetry roles


Two players should grab pieces floating in space and match to the grid on the wall. They get assigned two different colors. Assigned colors are shown on the right top of the screen. Each player can only interact with their assigned colors. They should collaborate in order to finish the game within a limited amount of time. Time is shown on the left top of the screen.



Spawn wall

After AR Core detects any plane, it finds the center anchor and spawns the grid wall and pieces with four colors.


Pick up piece & Match grid


When a player gets close enough to an interactive piece, it glows and shivers to indicate that it is interactive. The player should tab and hold the screen to pick up. When the grabbed piece gets closer to the grid of the same color, the grid also starts to glow, indicating it can be matched with the piece that the player is holding. At that time, the player can release their finger to match the grid.


Release block


By releasing finger from the screen, a player can release the piece holding.